I’ve always loved reading authors’ debut journeys (all the How I Got My Agent posts and fun stuff) so I figured I’d record mine here. Other authors have done newsletters but I haven’t figured out how to set one up yet, so here are the various stages of my journey (with some pictures)!

1. I HAVE AN AGENT!!!!!! The obligatory “I Have An Agent!” post. 3 years, 7+ rewrites, and then #DVpit happened, I waded through the query trenches, and Peter Knapp was the start of all my dreams coming true. Here’s a happy picture of me signing my agent contract.


2. A Letter From My 2018 Self, To My Selves of the Past: Thank You For Not Giving Up. The new year rolls around and my book deal closed DAYS ahead of it — except, of course, I had to keep it all secret (the whole publishing world is full of secrets). Best start to 2018, and a pretty emotional post to myself. (My friends threw me a surprise party; I love them and they are so, so important to me. Look at that cupcake-book tower from my bestie!)


3. I HAVE A THREE-BOOK DEAL!!!!!!! The obligatory book deal announcement post! I get so emotional in my blog posts, forgive me. (Picture: December 21, 2017, literally the evening that I accepted the offer from Random House. It was a stressful day at work and I worked late and I was still working when I got home, but it was probably one of the happiest days of my life.)


4. Blood Heir, Behind-the-Scenes: Revisions and Workaholics I get to start REVISIONS! It’s a super interesting process, and here’s pre-revisions Amélie. Bless my skin, my happiness, and my freedom back then (lol jk sort of).